David Eats Rusty Nails - Triumph Of Decay

by David Eats Rusty Nails

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David Eats Rusty Nails is a project of David Dzhincharadze from Krasnodar in Russia. The album ‘Triumpf of Decay’ is an extremely dense, glitched and melodic surrealist and existentialist manifestation that blasts even the limits of the IDM genre.

Symbioticcube did an interview with David Dzhincharadze:

SC: David, how are things in Krasnodar, Russia?

David: Krasnodar, a small town in the south of Russia.
Concerning the “intelligent dance music” – the city does grohotny.
Maybe I’m the only person been writing this kind of music in this city, at the appropriate level.
Fortunately in the central Russian cities fared better. St. Petersburg and Moscow are many worthy musicians been writing and playing “intelligent dance music” is: Itsu, Unlockedoor, FIZZARUM, Novel 23.

SC: How did you come up with the project name ‘David Eats Rusty Nails’?

David: Deep in my childhood I found rusty nails in the back yard and thought it was candy. I licked and sucked them. ha – ha. Well, it’s not the only reason. It is such a fundamental project name for the music that is presenting a multi-genre illumination. And currently the name is difficult to bind to a specific genre of electronic music, that’s what I wanted.

SC: ‘Triumph of Decay’ is extremely glitched but at the same time very
melodic. What techniques did you use to produce this unique mixture?
David: This album to me is an innovative material. To write such material took me about 25 liters vodka brand “Zelenaya Marka” antibiotics “Amoxiclav”, harried consciousness, James Joyce, Dostoevsky Fyodor and Vyacheslav Ivanov.

SC: Is it all studio or live?

David: All material was written live at home. In Steinberg Cubase and Ableton Live.

SC: How is your own story connected to the story that the album tells?
David: This album is the story of my yet unpublished novel ‘Intrauterine Marginalia’. I’m more a writer than a musician. For me, the story is primary and the main theme song, but then I start writing music. The name “Triumph of Decay” is a fundamental chapter of my novel. It reveals the main conflict of the novel. Reincarnation of the protagonist goes through the places of James Joyce (not the key, but typical). In all this delirium existential things happen that I described in the album by means of music born out of the pen. My objective reality has little to do with the album, if not to take into account a series of deaths of my relatives from cancer diseases.


released November 15, 2013



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